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Real-time monitoring of expansion joints of a bridge March 2006, Singapore
Nine linear variable displacement transducers (LVDT) were used to monitor the change of expansion joint widths of an expressway flyover.

The system made use of GPRS to retrieve data wirelessly. GPRS data retrieval and monitoring enables zero site manpower, zero human error and editing error. The system monitored the flyover for duration of a week to cover day time, night time and raining days, all of which affect movement of expansion joints.
Ground penetration radar (GPR) investigation of
locations of tendons & rebars of a bridge
Jan ~ Apr 2006, Singapore
Strengthening of an expressway flyover required drilling through-holes on the bridge beams. GPR was used to detect locations of tendons and rebars so as for site team not to drill on the rebar or tendons
Residual strain measurement of welding of mega steel transfer beams Apr ~ May 2006, Singapore
Mega transfer beams (50m x 6m) were used at a shopping centre project. Extensive welding was used to erect and fix the mega beams on steel columns.

Spot weldable strain gauges (VWSG) in form of rosette were used to measure residual strain of the beam due to welding. The measured results before and after the welding were analysed with the design expectation to ensure there was no excess residual strain and stress due to welding so as to proceed to next construction stages.
Real-time vibration monitoring 2002
Monitoring of cut & cover station and tunnels built on reclaimed land
adjacent to an elevated highway structure
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