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Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) System for New Middle Bridge Sep 2006 ~ Sep 2008, Singapore
FOSTA was awarded as an instrumentation specialist to design, supply, install and commission an in-place Bridge Monitoring System for a 255m long bridge under construction on Sungei (River) Punggol.

Eight types of devices are used to monitor static behaviours of bridge components such as piers, segments, post-tension tendons, hammer heads, expansion joints, in-situ concrete stitch and corrosion of foundations, etc. Upon completion of construction and open to the traffic, dynamic measurements are required for vibration mode analysis. The same sensors are used for both static and dynamic measurements for corelatable analyses.
SHM of FRP strengthened beams and slabs using FOS Jul 2006 ~ 2007, Singapore
A university computer centre purchased a heavy super computer to put on the 2nd level of her building, which required high floor load capacity.

FRP wrap was used to strengthen the beams and slabs. Long-gauge FOSs were mounted on the slabs using strong anchors. Sensor readings before and after FRP wrap and loading of the super computer were taken so as to compare with PE's calculation based on Singapore code of practice. The sensors will be used for future periodical structural health monitoring.
Structural health monitoring (SHM) of ancient silver mine 2004 ~ 2006, Germany
The region of Freiberg is one of Europe's oldest and most famous region of ancient silver mine industry. As a remnant of these ancient activities, the complete area of the mountains of "Erzgebirge" are nerved by galleries with - due to their age of >500 years - a weakened structural integrity. The reinforcement of galleries in ancient mines and stone pits is a major task for the reclamation of areas affected by mine-related activities.

In this project, a certain gallery is stabilised with a special SFB concrete. To gather experience in this new field of reclamation, long-gauge fibre optic sensors are embedded in concrete structures to monitor the behaviour of the concrete under certain loads.
Structural health monitoring (SHM) of ancient bridge 2004 ~ 2006, Germany
An old and weak traffic bridge was replaced by a new, modern bridge.

Long-gauge fibre optic sensors were embedded in the concrete structures to ensure structural integrity of the bridge over the next years. Additionally, a traffic monitoring function was implemented.
Structural health monitoring (SHM) of mega steel truss 2004 ~ 2008, Singapore
Mega steel roof truss structures were used in a new government transportation hall project. In order to verify the design and monitor the construction quality, more than 30 fibre optic sensor arrays were used for structural health monitoring of the structures.

The SHM system took readings at each critical construction stage which were used to compare with design expectation obtained from finite element analysis. In addition, the SHM system will take the sensor readings upon completion of the structures and after handover.
Structural health monitoring (SHM) of CFRP strengthened container sea-port 2003 ~ 2005, Singapore
Marine concrete structures suffer chloride seawater corrosion resulting in spalling concrete and corroded rebars and tendons.

A marine-based carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) system was applied to concrete beams, slabs and pile caps to stop further seawater corrosion and strengthen the corroded structures of the container berths. Surface-mountable fibre optic sensors were used to monitor the CFRP performance before and after CFRP wrap process.
Structural health monitoring (SHM) of CFRP strengthened rail bridge 2004, Malaysia
A rail bridge was strengthened by carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP). In order to evaluate the slab strength before and after strengthening and effect of CFRP reinforcement, surface-mountable fibre optic sensors were attached to the concrete slabs for evaluation of the long-term performance of the bridge.
Long-term structural health monitoring (SHM) of a concrete bridge since 1998, Germany
A new bridge was constructed to replace a deteriorated bridge in Rudisleben, Germany. Photo shows bridge under vehicular loading.

During construction stage in 1998, various sensors were embedded to
   •   compare the performance of various kinds of sensing devices, and
   •   evaluate long-term performance of fibre optic sensors.

Till now (after 8 years), only the fibre optic sensors are still in good working conditions.
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