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SHM FBG Sensors

FBG sensors can be delivered bare or packaged for measuring strain on stiff surfaces or inside of objects. Bare sensors provide greatest flexibility to cater for any applications. Robust surface mountable and embeddable sensors enable monitoring of any structures during construction stage, after completion and throughout their lifetime. All sensors are fabricated with either single or multiple FBGs with or without temperature compensations.

Working Principle
Working principle of FBG sensors
Spectrum Characteristics
Spectrum characteristics

Advantages of FBG Sensors

  • Suitable for long-term permanent Structural Health Monitoring (SHM)

  • No calibration needed

  • One cable can have up to 64 sensors

  • Simple installation

  • Cable can run kilometres, no length limit

  • Fibre optic sensors use light signal - no electrical sparking, intrinsically safe to oil or flammable environment

  • No Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI), suitable for electrical, power and nuclear plants, etc.

Specifications of FBG Sensors

Bare Sensor
bare FBG sensor
Surface Bondable Sensor
bondable surface FBG sensor
Embeddable Sensor
embedable FBG sensor
  Standard Premium
Wavelength 1280~1340; 1520~1620nm 800~1620nm
Reflectivity 90~99%
FWHM < 0.3nm (can be customised)
Side Lobe Suppression 20dB 25dB
Strain Limit ±10,000 µstrain
Operating Temperature -10~120°C -40~800°C
Termination   Bare fibre, FC/PC, FC/APC, ST, SC/PC, SC/APC, DIN, SMA  
Packaging Bare fibre re-coated, packaged or assembled

Other FBG sensors and assembled devices, etc

Long, embeddable & surface-mountable sensor
embeddable and surface-mountable FBG sensor
Stay Cable Sensor
stay cable FBG sensor
Displacement Meter
displacement meter
Facade Sensor
facade FBG sensor
FOS Tools
tools for optical fibre assemblies
FOS Cleaners
cleaning tools for optical fibres, cables, connectors and sensors

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