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Distributed Sensing DTS and DTSS Products

The flexibility and speed of measurements offered by distributed sensing systems provide great potential in a wide range of applications. For example, the cable installed in MRT/expressway tunnel or power cable duct can serve as a very effective fire detection system capable of detecting the location of a fire very precisely. Because temperature changes as small as 0.01°C can be detected, distributed sensing systems can highlight an overheating problem before it becomes a fire.


Temperature Sensing (DTS)
Distributed Temperature &
Strain Sensing (DTSS)
  DTS-Lite 0-4 km
DTS-SR 0-5 km
DTS-MR 0-8 m
DTS-LR 0-10 km
DTS-XR 0-30 km
DTS-FR Spatial Resolution 30 cm
DTSS-LR 0-10 km
DTSS-XR 0-30 km
Mass Range 30 km
Spatial Resolution 30cm~100 m 1 m
Temperature Resolution 0.01~1C°C 0.5°C
Strain Resolution - 10 µstrain
Measurement Time 1~5 minutes
Suitability of Cable Can be customised, ranging from subsea to stay cable of bridge
Operating Temperature 5~40°C
Power Supply 240 VAC or 24 VDC
Dimensions 175H x 483W x 445D (mm)
Weight 21 kg

   *Specifications subject to change

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